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News-O-Matic honored with a 2023 Academics’ Choice Award

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that News-O-Matic has been honored with a 2023 Academics’ Choice Award in the "Smart Media" category. This prestigious recognition showcases our commitment to providing exceptional educational content for children across the social studies, science, and ELA curriculum.

The Academics’ Choice Awards program holds a special place in the industry as the only international platform specifically designed to bring well-deserved recognition to publishers, manufacturers, independent authors, and developers who create media and toys that actively stimulate children's cognitive development. Being selected for this award is a wonderful recognition of our dedication to excellence in educational resources.

A volunteer panel of judges with diverse backgrounds, including parents, educators, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, librarians, students, and even children themselves, meticulously evaluates award submissions. They carefully assess each product's educational benefits, focusing on vital aspects such as higher-order thinking skills, character building, creative play, durability, and originality.

This rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the most exemplary products receive the Academics’ Choice Award, making it a true testament to our exceptional standards. We take great pride in knowing that our commitment to producing a high-quality non-fiction texts has been acknowledged by these reviewers.

At News-O-Matic, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide engaging and enriching content that empowers young minds to engage with safe, appropriate content, adapted to the requirements of their curriculum. This recognition motivates us to continue creating innovative materials that captivate children's curiosity, while supporting educators with adapted and accessible non-fiction texts related to social studies, science and ELA.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Academics’ Choice Awards program for this honor. It serves as a testament to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team, who work incredibly hard to craft content that inspires and educates the young people of today. We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to our loyal users and supporters, whose enthusiasm and feedback have played a pivotal role in our ongoing success.

As we celebrate this remarkable award, we look forward to embarking on new endeavors and continuing to make a positive impact on children's education. Together, we will shape a brighter future by nurturing young minds and igniting a lifelong love for learning through the power of News-O-Matic.

Here are some of our favorite comments from the reviewers:

“This has got to be one of the best, if not the best app for anyone who wants their child to learn more about whats going on in the world today. Needless to say, it is a social studies teacher's dream!”

“News-O-Matic is a fantastic app that provides children with age-appropriate news stories in an engaging and interactive format. The app is a great resource for parents and educators who want to help their children become informed and engaged citizens.”

“We love News-O-Matic! The articles were age appropriate and full of engaging images. I liked the interactive ability on the site to click on vocabulary words for proper pronunciation and definition.”

“I love the simple fact that News-O-Matic encourages young kids to engage in current events. Reading age-appropriate news will help the next generation become better thinkers and global citizens. I also appreciate the fact the articles can be read out loud for my younger kids!”

“I've used online platforms in social studies for years, and I believe this one is now my favorite. News-O-Matic is a great alternative to the other larger K-12 current event online platforms that are on the market today.”

“News-O-Matic is an amazing resource! It provides timely, relevant information on topics that really engage kids. The bulk of each story is the text, but photos, illustrations, and even video really "beef up" the experience of reading news. There are so many interactive opportunities.”

To read the full announcement and reviews, visit the Academics’ Choice Award website.



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