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Teacher Tools

News-O-Matic's teacher tools are designed specifically to enhance classrooms with time-saving features and resources that coordinate smoothly with the curriculum. Teachers are able to create assignments, track student progress, download guides & lesson plans, change Lexile® levels, access discussion prompts, and many more.


Standards Alignment

News-O-Matic articles are correlated to state and national standards in the subject areas of ELA, Science, Social Studies, and SEL (where applicable). State-specific standards and Common Core, NGSS, NCSS, and TEKS standards are all included in standard alignments. 


Teachers can create assignments for an entire class, a single user, or a selection of users. This feature allows customization with multiple articles, MCQs, and open-ended questions.

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News-O-Matic's Assessments feature tests students' knowledge and comprehension of the articles. The results of these assessments could be used to guide further instruction or to provide feedback to students on their progress.


Multiple Languages

News-O-Matic articles offer multiple reading levels, a "Read to Me" feature with audios from native speakers, and translations from English into Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. 

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Accessibility Features

News-O-Matic's Accessibility features provide alternative ways of accessing and interacting with our content, benefiting all students. Common features include closed captioning, text-to-speech, and visual aids like high-contrast colors and enlarged font.

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Vocabulary Development

Defined words in each article help students improve their vocabulary and use Tier-2 terms in the right context. 

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To learn more about how to use our features, check out our User Guide

These resources provide detailed instructions and examples on how to use each feature and can help you make the most out of our platform.

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