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Science class


Using News-O-Matic for Science

Make science come alive with News-O-Matic. We publish stories about scientific topics such as outer space, animals, climate, plants, technology, and more. We interview real scientists for our articles, often using questions generated by our readers. Every article also includes a video, subject-specific vocabulary, and a slideshow that include images and graphs to further explain scientific concepts.

Science Standards and Topics

News-O-Matic content covers a range of scientific topics that can be used with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other state standards. Our news stories include interviews with real scientists, as well as interactive maps, videos, and diagrams to reinforce learning in key scientific topics such as the following:

Life sciences
Life Sciences
Engineering and technology
Engineering & Technology
Earth and space sciences
Earth & Space Sciences
Physical sciences
Physical Sciences

Examples of Science Content

Science-Related Series

News-O-Matic frequently publishes science-related series of articles. Here are some of the science series available in our archives.

Animals A-Z
Plants A-Z
Our Oceans
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