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the best use of News-O-Matic in the classroom.

Announcing our New Dashboard

Exciting news! We have just unveiled a fantastic update that is set to enrich your News-O-Matic experience. Introducing our latest innovation: the new dashboard feature. Our commitment is to continuously improve and simplify your journey with us. Watch this video to see how this enhancement revolutionizes the way you navigate our platform!

Discover what News-O-Matic has to offer!

Learn how easy it is to navigate our digital platform on the web with this instructional video.

News-O-Matic's Teacher Tools

Check-out this video to learn how to leverage our teacher tools to differentiate instruction!

Creating Classes and Adding Users

Learn how to create a class and add students in News-O-Matic's new Teacher Dashboard. 

Enhanced Search Feature for Easy Navigation

Search by keyword, category, date, or by standard in News-O-matic's updated search bar!

Creating an Assignment within News-O-Matic

Learn how to create an assignment in News-O-Matic's updated Teacher Dashboard!

Customizing Article Questions in News-O-Matic

Discover how to customize questions for each article in the assignments feature.

Accessibility Tools for Personalized Learning 

Discover how News-O-Matic's accessibility tools can be optimized to accommodate all students.

 Improve Student Engagement

See how News-O-Matic's News Room and games encourage students to read every day!

Creating Custom Units (For Administrators)

Discover how to create customized Units that are tailored to your school's needs in News-O-Matic!

Adding Users in News-O-Matic .png

Adding Users in the Teacher Dashboard

PDF training guide on how to manually add students to a teacher's account without a SSO.

Creating Assignments in News-O-Matic .png

Creating Assignments in the Teacher Dashboard

PDF training guide on how to create and customize assignments in the Teacher Dashboard.

Additional Assignment Actions in News-O-Matic's Teacher Dashboard .png

Guide for Additional Assignment Actions 

PDF training guide that covers assignment actions on how to edit, duplicate, archive, and view results.

Viewing and Scoring Assignments in the Teacher Dashboard (1).png

Guide for Viewing and Scoring Assignments

PDF training guide that covers assignment actions on how to view and score submitted assignments.

Creating Custom Units in News-O-Matic .png

Guide for Creating & Publishing Custom Units

PDF training guide with overview of how to create and publish custom units within the NOM platform.

Additional Resources

Check out our free lesson plans:

We provide free lesson plans around our articles on ELA, social studies, and SEL. We also send lesson plans through our monthly newsletters.

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