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Supporting Social Studies Instruction

News-O-Matic's daily editions and archives feature Social Studies content that can be used with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Themes, as well as with state standards that cover the following categories:

News-O-Matic provides extensive content on natural and earth sciences, as well as human activity, patterns, and livelihood. Series like Countries A-Z explore diverse nations and highlight their characteristics.



Our Civics content includes National and International News, Citizenship and Community Stories, and an insight into Governmental framework and functions.



News-O-Matic's History content connects the past to the present. Major themes include Our Great Nation, Civil War, Civil Rights, and World History, including Civilizations, World Wars, Exploration, and Discovery.



News-O-Matic provides in-depth coverage of global economics, including currencies, inflation, and policies. It also explores topics like needs and wants, goods and services, and basic personal finance concepts.


News-O-Matic's Cultural content highlights diversity using daily articles to introduce students to underrepresented cultures. The Read-To-Me feature has read-alouds by native speakers for cultural exposure.


Standards Alignment to Craft Your Lessons

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Find articles using relevant social studies standards

Social Studies Units: Effortless Lesson Building

Social Studies text sets allow students the opportunity to analyze key people, events, and ideas through a selection of relevant articles in each topic.

Social Studies Content Series

News-O-Matic frequently publishes specific article series relating to social studies topics.  Some of our popular series include Our World A-Z, Countries A-Z, U.S. Presidents, 50 States in 50 Weeks, and Month in the Markets.

Click on an icon to read an article within the series.

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