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Using News-O-Matic for Social Studies

Our articles for kids cover topics related to civics, history, geography, culture, people and places, and more.  We provide a diversity of perspectives from around the world to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

Social Studies Standards and Topics

News-O-Matic's daily editions and archives feature Social Studies content that can be used with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Themes, as well as with state standards that cover the following categories:

Civics, Government & Politics icon
Civics, Government & Politics
Contemporary World Issues icon
Contemporary World Issues
Culture icon
Economics icon
Global Connections icon
Global Connections
Individual Development and Identity icon
Individual Development and Identity
News/Media Literacy icon
News/Media Literacy
Science, Technology & Society icon
Science, Technology & Society
U.S. History & Geography icon
U.S. History & Geography
World History & Geography icon
World History & Geography

Examples of Social Studies Articles

Teachers have used News-O-Matic to cover world events, government, geography, and more. Here's a brief sample of what we have to offer.

Kids in the News Series
Kids in the News Series

News-O-Matic frequently publishes stories about kids in the news, allowing students to connect with current events on a deeper level.

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History Articles Series
History Articles Series

Every Monday, News-O-Matic publishes a roundup of some famous events that happened "this week in history."

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U.S. Presidents Series
U.S. Presidents Series

News-O-Matic's ongoing "U.S. Presidents" series shares the history of the 44 politicians to inhabit the White House.

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Social Studies Content Series

News-O-Matic frequently publishes specific article series related to social studies topics. Start with our series on Our World A-Z, U.S. Presidents, or Our Oceans.

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Presidents articles series
Our oceans series icon