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Students reading news articles in ELA class

Supporting ELA Instruction

Every News-O-Matic article is authentic and engaging and supports reading comprehension through research-based strategies for developing vocabulary, activating prior knowledge, and making connections to real-world examples.

News-O-Matic provides extensive content on languages of the world, including historic, endangered, and Indigenous tongues. Each feature helps students build their overall communication skills, and they are exposed to a diversity of voices and perspectives.



News-O-Matic's Literature content provides students with engaging texts related to various literary works and authors. Students are able to understand, analyze, and discuss various literary themes, including those related to different cultures, languages, and countries.




News-O-Matic allows students to delve into the world of poetic expression. Articles explain the poem, the motive behind writing poetry, and the elements that make each work unique. A collection of historic and contemporary poems also explains how they engage and ignite activism in the USA. 

Media Literacy

News-O-Matic provides specific content highlighting Media Literacy, including a variety of multimedia resources to increase student awareness of all aspects of media and information literacy.

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Arts and Entertainment

News-O-Matic provides an immersive experience into various art forms, genres, movements, and events. It explores topics surrounding renowned artists, actors, and musicians, as well as throwbacks to Arts and Entertainment history. Features allow students to build cultural awareness and artistic appreciation.

Arts and Entertainment.png


Each News-O-Matic article has challenging words built with read-aloud supports and student-friendly definitions to improve vocabulary. The periodic Word of the Week series spotlights the history, usage, and significance of essential words. 

Standards Alignment to Craft Your Lessons

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Choose a Standard Type

Choose a Subject

Choose a Grade

Find articles using relevant ELA standards

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ELA Units: Effortless Lesson Building

Using ELA Units, students have ample opportunities to practice the skills and strategies needed in order to increase comprehension.

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