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English Language Arts

Using News-O-Matic for ELA

Teachers and literacy specialists use News-O-Matic as part of their ELA curriculum.  Every News-O-Matic article features vocabulary words, reading comprehension questions, and multimedia content to reinforce learning. With five stories published every weekday, students have ample opportunities to develop their nonfiction literacy.

Informational Text Standards

ELA educators around the country use News-O-Matic as a tool for teaching skills related to understanding informational text. Our articles are correlated to informational text standards for the Common Core, and can also be used in ELA state standards such as TEKS. Teachers can use News-O-Matic content to teach topics  such as:

Key Ideas & Supporting Evidence
Organizational Pattern & Text Structure
Point of View
Using Images and Graphics to Locate Information
Cause & Effect
Compare & Contrast

Writing Practice

In our daily Teacher's Guide, News-O-Matic shares close reading questions for students to use as writing prompts.  Students can use News-O-Matic articles as reference material for written reports, creative writing, and journalism projects.

Sample Teaching Materials for ELA

Any News-O-Matic article can be used for reading and writing practice. Here are a few examples of lesson plans, comprehension questions, and close reading questions that have been used for previous News-O-Matic articles.


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