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Unlock and Engage: Explore Media Literacy with News-O-Matic

News-O-Matic offers targeted content that focuses on Media Literacy, providing a variety of multimedia resources to increase student awareness of media and information literacy.

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Comprehensive Media Literacy Content

News-O-Matic has a multifaceted approach to media literacy, offering a wide range of articles and tools that empower individuals to effectively engage with, evaluate, and use various forms of media.

News Literacy

The ability to examine and interpret news and its sources for informed decision-making.

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Informational Literacy

The ability to locate, evaluate, and use information in various forms.

Digital Citizenship

The ability to use digital tools to find, assess, and produce information.

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Social Media Awareness

The ability to critically assess and navigate social media content and its impact.

Free Lesson Plans for Media Literacy Week

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Media Literacy Units: Effortless Lesson Planning

Engage students with our Media Literacy Units, where they can practice the skills and strategies they need to become media masters!

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