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It’s Summer Learning Day!

That’s it; school’s out for summer! But with summer break comes the dreaded summer learning loss. Some students lose two months in math skills over the summer, according to research, and more than two months in reading achievement.

The National Summer Learning Association has designated Friday, June 20, as Summer Learning Day. The day was created to spread awareness about the “importance of summer learning for our nation’s youth in helping close the achievement gap and support healthy development in communities all across the country.”

What can you do as a parent to keep your child learning this summer? Check out the National Summer Learning Association’s website to learn about the events they are organizing this summer! This year, the association is placing special emphasis on reading, with a campaign for Grade-Level Reading, led by dozens of volunteers.

Daily reading helps beating summer slide!


Here are our favorite suggestions from the National Summer Learning Association:

  • Go to a library with your child and pick a book! A weekly book trip to your local library will create a fun summer routine, and a special moment that your kid will look forward to! Don’t forget to ask the children’s librarian for suggestions. Perhaps the library has a children’s summer reading competition and book clubs.

  • Play reading games with your child! Reading games, such as Mad Libs, where one player prompts another for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story, will make reading a fun, engaging activity!

  • Go out! Museums, parks, and zoos are full of interesting, fun things to read! Outdoor activities will also help your kid stay active during summer.

  • Reading and writing are two different sides of the same coin. After an exciting field trip or a visit to a museum, have your child write something about it! Keeping a journal, engaging in daily writing, and writing postcards for friends and family are only some of the types of reading you can encourage your child to do. Practicing handwriting is a healthy exercise for your child’s brain — and you will both be excited about the progress he or she makes!

  • Read a daily newspaper. A daily reading habit can really work wonders on your child’s brain. Regular practice is the most important factor in summer learning! The perfect newspaper should have highly engaging content, amazing stories, and feature fun reading-related activities that will help your child develop a love for reading.

Here at News-O-Matic, we set ourselves a mission to make daily reading a fun, interactive, and engaging routine. We take summer learning loss very seriously. Our team of writers will keep publishing stories throughout summer to help children around the world keep reading and learning all summer long. News-O-Matic has engaging stories, wacky news, and all the features we know kids love!



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