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Free Access to News-O-Matic for Families

These are difficult times for families. Schools are closing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, forcing students and parents to work from home. Daily life has been upended without a clear timeline for returning to normal.

Earlier this week, we announced that News-O-Matic would offer free access to schools and students for the rest of the school year. Today, we are expanding that free access to parents and their children as well.

As a daily newspaper and educational resource for readers in grades K-8, News-O-Matic has a greater responsibility than delivering current events for children. Kids are turning to our coronavirus coverage to help them understand what is happening — and to give them a global platform to share their experiences. We want to provide the answers to kids’ questions and to help parents communicate with their children about this crisis. Our on-staff child psychologist vets our daily content to ensure that young readers are not overwhelmed.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt daily life, News-O-Matic empowers kids by keeping them informed. It also gives young people a safe space to ask questions, react to the news, and feel connected to a global community of their peers.

The News-O-Matic app is available through the App Store and Google Play.

Download from any device and enjoy free access through June 30.



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