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Empowering Educators for EdTech Success

It’s no secret that teachers have hectic schedules. From creating lesson plans to evaluating student work, teachers must multitask in order to provide their students with the best education possible. And, on top of all their extra duties, teachers continuously try to improve their craft by staying on top of the latest educational developments and trends. Teachers truly become lifelong learners in order to stay up-to-date with educational research, best practices, and constantly evolving curriculums.

Innovative teaching methods and technology integration are at the forefront of most educational programs. It is crucial for teachers to have opportunities to improve their educational practices by learning about these new teaching methods and edtech products. Many districts and organizations host workshops and seminars that allow educators to collaborate with others, share ideas, and learn from others’ experiences. But it’s important to keep in mind that with any new teaching method or technology integration, there should always be a specific and measurable benefit to the student and teacher. That is to say the edtech product should enhance student learning and reduce the burden on teachers at the same time.

When implementing technology in the classroom, careful consideration is required. Administrators must not blindly purchase an edtech tool. They need to consider several factors when purchasing new technology, such as how the students will interact with the edtech tool and whether there is support available to teachers as they adapt to this new technology.

Why does teacher support matter, when implementing new EdTech?

Integrating technology into classrooms is becoming the norm—and rightly so. Besides cultivating twenty-first-century skills, it also fosters inclusivity, promotes collaboration, allows for personalized learning, increases engagement, and provides students with instant access to vast amounts of information and educational content.

Just as important as implementing new technology in classrooms is ensuring that the teachers are well equipped to use this technology. Teachers need to understand the operability and functionality of the product as well as how to monitor or regulate student use. Edtech products should complement teachers in their efforts to create a positive learning environment, not add a burden to their already hectic lives.

Providing training and support to teachers is an essential component of successful technology integration. Teachers who receive training feel more confident and are able to troubleshoot technical issues, increase student engagement, and optimize student learning. Receiving training on edtech products allows teachers to harness the full potential of these tools, ultimately benefiting both the educator and the students.

How does News-O-Matic support educators?

Teachers who are interested in making the most out of News-O-Matic have the option to participate in our self-paced online course, Discovering News-O-Matic 101. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to all of News-O-Matic’s features using adult-learning theories. Another great support is our dedicated YouTube channel with videos that give detailed explanations on how to use specific features of News-O-Matic. And there is also an excellent support team ready to assist teachers as they become proficient with News-O-Matic.

Recently, News-O-Matic launched on-demand webinars giving educators tips and pointers on how to integrate News-O-Matic’s authentic and relevant articles into daily lessons. Our most recent featured series, “News-O-Matic: Your Social Studies Sidekick”, illustrates how News-O-Matic can easily make social studies classes fun and engaging while covering the necessary learning standards.

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