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Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

Embracing Culture, History, and Progress

May is AAPI Heritage Month — a time to honor and celebrate the achievements, culture, and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.

Check back weekly for captivating features spotlighting individuals of Asian American and Pacific islander descent, illuminating narratives that have sparked inspiration across generations of Americans.


Stories Worth Telling

Read up on books that tell the stories of the AAPI community!

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Planning for Mars!

Patrick Chai works to help NASA prepare a trip to Mars.


Arts in the AAPI Community

Read about movies, artists, and more for AAPI Heritage Month!

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Asian Pacific American Heroes

Read up on some important Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders!


A Champion for Change

Meet Patsy Mink, America's first woman of color in Congress.

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Saving Spots from History

Experts share a list of historic places at risk in America.

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AAPI Units: Effortless Lesson Planning

Explore the vibrancy of AAPI culture in our comprehensive unit, where students delve into AAPI traditions, history, and legacies. Uncover essential questions about AAPI contributions, challenges, and societal impact. Plus, engage in an optional activity to create an AAPI Cultural Heritage Museum, promoting awareness and empathy.

Gain exclusive access to our ready-to-use Units for your classroom. 

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