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Celebrating Black History Month

A Gallery of Heroes!

February is Black History Month — a time to honor and celebrate the rich heritage, accomplishments, and contributions of the Black Community. This year's theme is Art Icons who shaped Black History.


Check back weekly for riveting articles, ranging from inspiring biographies to compelling stories and memoirs. Use News-O-Matic's upcoming and past content to initiate discussion!

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One Life: Frederick Douglass

The National Portrait Gallery features a Frederick Douglass display.

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A Pioneer in High Fashion

Designer Ann Lowe made history through her famous fashions.

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A Barrier-Breaking Ballerina

Jennifer Jones, the first Black Rockette, shares her story.

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Alvin Ailey

Meet a dancer whose art

moved the world!

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Black History and the Arts

Black History Month 2024 celebrates Black expression in art.

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Gwendolyn Brooks

Read the powerful words of an important poet.


The History of Black History Month

Learn why America celebrates Black History Month each February.


Black History: Art

Read about key writers, painters, and more in Black History.


The Art of Dr. King

Artists honor Martin Luther King Jr. through their work.


Langston Hughes

This Black poet wrote his way into the hearts of Harlem — and America.

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Respect for Otis

Look back at the life of Otis Redding.


Zora Neale Hurston

Flip through the pages of this author’s story!

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