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Social Studies

Over 13,000 articles based on current events for introducing social studies topics related to civics, history, geography, culture, economics, and more! We provide diverse perspectives from around the world to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

Supporting Social Studies Instruction

News-O-Matic's daily editions and archives feature Social Studies content that can be used with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Themes, as well as with state standards that cover the following categories:


  • Citizenship and Community stories

  • Governmental framework and functions 

  • National news, and international content


  • Countries A-Z Series

  • Natural and Earth Sciences

  • Human activity, patterns, and livelihood.


  • Our Great Nation, Civil War, Civil Rights

  • World History: Civilizations, World Wars, Exploration, and Discovery

  • Connecting the past to the present


  • Global Economics: Currencies, Inflation, Policies

  • Needs and Wants, Goods and Services

  • Basic Financial Concepts

  • Personal Economics

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  • Cultural Diversity: Daily content and exclusive interviews introduce students to underrepresented cultures.

  • Authentic Read-To-Me Audio: Read-alouds by native speakers for cultural exposure and immersive learning.


  • Broad range of profiles including explorers, scientists, presidents, and more.

  • Text available could be used for research and presentations, and to develop awareness, understanding, and critical thinking skills.

Social Studies Standards Alignment


Social Studies Sample Articles

Teachers have used News-O-Matic to cover world events, government, geography, and more. Here's a brief sample of what we have to offer.

Social Studies Sample Units

Social Studies text sets allow students the opportunity to analyze key people, events, and ideas through a selection of relevant articles in each topic.