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New News-O-Matic Report: Preparing for the COVID-19 Slide

COVID-19 has dramatically altered education around the world. Research from Education Week found that coronavirus-related school closures have affected 55.1 million students in the United States alone. Most schools transitioned to distance learning during this time, to minimize educational disruption.

Now with the end of the school year in sight, teachers are increasingly concerned about the effects of “summer slide.” Summer slide refers to the decline in reading and math skills that students experience after a significant amount of time out of school, such as summer vacation. Since most school buildings have been closed since March, this year’s summer slide is expected to be even more drastic.

In early May, News-O-Matic conducted a survey of 271 teachers to learn more about the challenges teachers faced in the transition to distance learning. We also asked how they are planning to minimize learning loss over the summer and beyond. We compiled our findings in a report titled “Preparing for the ‘COVID-19 Slide.’” Here’s a snapshot of what we found:

COVID-19 Slide Infographic

To discover the full findings, download the Preparing for the COVID-19 Slide report.


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