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Students reading news articles in ELA class

English Language Arts

News-O-Matic can seamlessly integrate into any district’s ELA curriculum.  Every article is authentic and engaging, and supports reading comprehension through research-based strategies for developing vocabulary, activating prior knowledge, and making connections to real-world examples.  With new articles published daily, students have ample opportunities to practice the skills and strategies needed in order to increase comprehension.


Tailor your lesson plans and students' learning experiences using News-O-Matic's Units. Browse through 100+ carefully curated text-sets based on key topics in social studies, ELA, science, and SEL.

Find a comprehensive list of all News-O-Matic Units here!

Supporting ELA Instruction

Literacy Instruction

Reading, Listening, and Speaking

  • Build students' comprehension, vocabulary and analytical skills

  • Students gain a better understanding of text and draw meaningful conclusions.

  • Audio recordings of each article on multiple lexile® levels

  • Native language speakers reading each text, thus providing students an opportunity to increase their reading fluency

Writing and Discussion

  • Writing prompts or TDAs to develop writing skills and promote inquiry

  • Discussion prompts to encourage students to explore the world around them.

Vocabulary icon

Vocabulary Development

  • Challenging words built with read-aloud supports

  • Student-friendly definition to improve vocabulary

Media Literacy

  • A variety of multimedia resources to increase student awareness of all aspects of the media and information literacy

Informational Text Standards

News-O-Matic articles are now aligned to all 50 states’ standards as well as NGSS, NCSS and Common Core ELA.  Teachers from around the country can use News-O-Matic’s standards-aligned articles to teach key informational text standards.

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ELA Sample Articles

Teachers have used News-O-Matic to cover world events, government, geography, and more. Here's a brief sample of what we have to offer.

ELA Sample Units

Social Studies text sets allow students the opportunity to analyze key people, events, and ideas through a selection of relevant articles in each topic.