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Elevate your K–8 Curriculum with News-O-Matic.

Enhance classroom instruction with authentic current event articles on our award-winning online learning platform.

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News-O-Matic in the Curriculum

At News-O-Matic, our mission is to spark curiosity in students and inspire educators to transform their teaching strategies. Our digital learning resource seamlessly aligns with the K–8 ELA, science, social studies, and SEL curricula. Through our safe platform, students access original nonfiction articles daily, which help in fostering a passion for reading and preparing them for future careers. We support teachers with valuable tools, ensuring classroom integration and inclusive learning experiences. Together, we empower students and inspire lifelong learners.

Exceptional Breadth of Content

News-O-Matic aligns with your K–8 ELA, science, social studies, and SEL lessons through a rich collection of engaging nonfiction content, covering everything from civics to planets!

Features Built for the Classroom


News-O-Matic’s dynamic features have been designed to empower educators and promote best teaching methods. Adapted perfectly for life in the classroom, all aspects of News-O-Matic seamlessly integrate into your teaching, while maximizing student engagement and learning.


Standards-aligned Content

Each article is aligned to state and national standards which enables educators to create targeted lessons.

Engages students with nonfiction

The platform encourages a daily reading routine with high-interest topics for every young student. 


Enables differentiated learning

Enhances reading skills through differentiated texts, and each level read aloud by voice actors.


Ready-made or Customizable Units

Text sets tailor-made by our education specialist. Educators can pick a Unit off the shelf or customize their own. 


Improves teaching experience

Includes lesson plans, Units, assessment questions, and the ability to customize assignments.


Supports English Learners

Includes translations and authentic voice recordings by native speakers (Spanish, Mandarin, French,  Arabic).

Seamless Integration

Uncomplicated classroom integration with ready-to-use content and interactive features.


Optimized for Student Engagement

News-O-Matic is full of rich content and engaging features, built to captivate even the most reluctant of readers. Through impactful visuals, consistently updated editions, and audio resources, News-O-Matic offers endless opportunities to inspire students.


Designed to engage students, with colorful images, videos and infographics.

Never the same content, with 5 new stories published daily.

Authentic texts and audio recordings by native speakers.

How educators use News-O-Matic

News-O-Matic has been such a wonderful resource in my classroom, it's essential to how we work. Students are not only building their literacy skills, but also their scientific knowledge, their critical-thinking skills, and they have thousands of options for nonfiction texts, right there at their fingertips...

Awards & Recognition

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Academics Choice Smart Media Award
WAN-IFRA Young Reader Prize
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Implementation Partners

Classroom integration is simple and does not require extensive training. Whether you want to sync your rosters from an existing platform or create manual accounts, our customer onboarding and support team is here to help!

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Elevate your students' learning with News-O-Matic. 

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