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Create Students' Accounts

Your students can have their own unique logins. This will allow you to follow their reading progress and their answers to the questions. This short video shows how you can create classes and students' accounts if they have not been integrated from an educational platform or SIS (see our Onboarding page).

You can also read the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Go to our Teacher Dashboard:

  • Create your first class: Enter a name and grade (can be changed later). Click “Save class.”

  • Add your students: You can enter them one by one manually, or all at once by uploading a .csv file.


Manually: Enter each student’s first name, ID number, username, password (min. 6 characters). Hit “Save Class.”

With a .csv file:

1. Prepare a spreadsheet with 4 columns: first name, student ID number, username, and password (minimum 6 characters). Name your file, remove the header, and save the file as a .csv file.

2. In the Teacher Dashboard, select your class and go to “Student Accounts.”

3. Click on “Upload CSV” then “Choose File.” Select the file you created. Click “Import.” It may take a minute before it loads. Once the upload is complete, you’ll see your students!

Helpful tips:

  • Usernames must be unique across our entire community. Simple usernames like “John” are likely already taken. If you get a message saying the username is not unique, add numbers or letters to it.

  • You may already see your classes and students when you log in for the first time. This means your school asked News-O-Matic to create student accounts for you.

  • You can delete, modify, or add new students by clicking on “Student Accounts.” 

  • You can assign different reading levels to your students by using the dropdown next to their name!

Track your Students' Progress

After you create your first class, you’ll see your students' analytics page every time you login to the Teacher Dashboard. This video explains how to read stats and track your students' progress.

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