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2024 Presidential Election Resources for Educators

Articles, Units, and Lesson Plans


Latest Updates

Stay informed with ongoing coverage of the 2024 Presidential Election and its key developments.


Deeper Understanding

Learn about civics and the government with ongoing examples to deepen understanding.


Historical Context

Explore past elections, presidential histories, and the evolution of U.S. civics through engaging articles.


Teaching Modules

Access aligned units & lesson plans and structured series to enhance classroom learning experiences.

News-O-Matic is providing educators with unbiased, carefully written content to help them engage students in understanding the state, local, and federal election processes. 

What to Expect

Enhance Your Civics Lessons for Election 2024

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2024 Presidential Election: Effortless Lesson Planning

Explore units such as Road to the 2024 Presidential Election and Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities to delve into key aspects of civic engagement and democratic processes.

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